We are having a blast of a time at the moment helping our mums move from sitting on the sideline to getting them active in martial arts training at Sunshine Coast Karate.  What an adventure!  These mums are inspirational!  And not only do they know how to focus on getting the job done, they have just as much fun as the kids do.

Here is a brief overview of how many of our super mums start their transformation into ‘Karate Mums’ at Sunshine Coast Karate.

Step 1: Take a peek through the viewing window and watch your cute and cuddly karate kids in action having all the fun.  And realise that this martial arts stuff doesn’t look all that hard.

Step 2: Get right up close and take a seat on the benches positioned within the dojo at Sunshine Coast Karate.  Get the arms moving, posture aligned and take a look to make sure no one is watching you.

Step 3: Get active in supporting your cute and cuddly karate kids – the more you can learn about what they are doing with their martial arts the more you can help and the more fun you have working it out together.  [Pictured left:  Helen & James O’Grady on the way home from their Japan trip after competing in the 2010 World Chito-Ryu Karate Championships]

Step 4: Getting the courage to take that first step – ‘the first martial arts class’. Dealing with self talk …  this step can take time … [I might look silly]… [I am not co-ordinated and I’ll just embarass myself] …. [everyone will look at me] …. [I’m not fit enough] …. [I haven’t done any exercise since being at school] … [I don’t have time to exercise for myself] ….

Step 5: You know what happens next.   Something gets our mums across the line to take a chance and have a go at our martial arts programs.  Maybe they found a way to deal with the self talk, maybe they had the support and encouragement of others, maybe they had enough of the kids having all the fun and they wanted a piece of the action too, maybe they just turned the volume down of all that self talk going on and went with what they felt was the right thing for them or maybe they thought that they would look good in white pyjamas.

Quite a few of our Super Karate Mum’s hang out for a quick chat and a giggle on facebook.  To learn more about their personal stories (please ask them, because they all have a great story to share).  Just visit our Sunshine Coast Karate Facebook Fan Page and drop us a quick message and we’ll help you hook up with our martial arts family.  You never know – you may be travelling with us to Hong Kong, Japan, Canada etc for a future martial arts tournament/training adventure with our Sunshine Coast Karate family.  [Pictured right:  This is Helen & I chillin’ out at the Singapore airport – all mums need a good foot massage from time to time]

And just in case you are wondering… we do also have many dad’s getting in and having a go at our martial arts programs too.  More about our super karate dad’s another time!