Various newspaper articles throughout the years.  Click on any of the images to enlarge.

Karate Kids Kick Out Competition
Telstra Connected Community Program (21st June 2018)

Women’s Self Defence
Hot 91 (17 October 2017) – Radio & Facebook

Success at World Champs in Japan
Maroochy & Kawana Weekly (14 September 2017)


Sami Ready For Top Fight
Sunshine Coast Daily (5 Jul 2017)


World Stage Suits – Karate Kids Make Instructor Proud
Sunshine Coast Daily (12 Oct 2013)

newspaper 20

12 Years Old And On Top Of The World
Sunshine Coast Daily (12 Sep 2013)

newspaper 15

Couple Goes From Struggle Street To Training World Champions
Sunshine Coast Daily (5 Sep 2013)

newspaper 23

Karate Kids Steeled For Hong Kong Mission
Sunshine Coast Daily (27 Mar 2013)

newspaper 19


Brother Keeping Karate In The Family
Sunshine Coast Daily (27 Mar 2013)

newspaper 2

Hong Kong Bound – Teen Lifts Training Regime For The Soke Cup
Sunshine Coast Daily (27 Feb 2013)

newspaper 21

Even when Sensei Martin & Sensei Sandra go to Japan they make it into the newspaper
Nishi Nihon Shinbu [Western Japan Newspaper] (13 Oct 2012)

newspaper 11




Young Karate Star Thinking Of Her Goals
Sunshine Coast Daily (16 Feb 2011)

newspaper 4


Would Be Writer Kicks Into Action
Sunshine Coast Daily (Tue, 23 Aug 2011)

newspaper 22


There’s Gold In The Eyes Of These Karate Kids
Sunshine Coast Daily (27 July 2010)

newspaper 5

Deb’s A Fast Learner

newspaper 1


Gold At World Championships
Sunshine Sports Newspaper (Sep 2004)

newspaper 9

Karate Teacher Wins Honours In Japan

Sunshine Coast Daily (4 Aug 2001)

newspaper 8

Karate Kids Kick Up Their Heels
Sunshine Coast Daily (21 Dec 2003)

newspaper 3


Success Under Belt
Kawana Life (15 Jun 2001)

Hard Work Pays Off
Kawana Life (7 Sep 2001)

newspaper 18