Here is another success story from one of our valued Sunshine Coast Karate families.  Not only has little Zoe demonstrated massive growth in her martial arts ability she always brings great energy jam packed with smiles which truly inspire us to continue to be the best we can be as her instructors.

Martial arts was recommended to us to help our daughter deveolp self-discipline and respect for others. We looked around at a few other martial arts centres before we found an ad for Sunshine Coast Karate. After talking with Martin Phillips, we decided to let our daughter go and see how she went. The dojo was excellent, with wonderful staff and facilities. Martin and Sandra knew exactly what it was we hoped to achieve for our daughter, and they have helped us in any way they possibly can.

Since starting at Sunshine Coast Karate we have noticed some big, encouraging changes in our daughter. She is able to focus and concentrate 100% in training. She is motivated and always excited to go to karate. Our home life has become much more relaxed, as our daughter comes home from karate level-headed and co-operative. She is always practising her moves and her self-esteem is sky rocketing. Our whole family has fallen in love with Martin and Sandra and the miracle of karate.”   ~ Andrea Grima

Thank you to Andrea Grima for taking the time to share her experiences at Sunshine Coast Karate.

For more information to help you get started at Sunshine Coast Karate please call Martin & Sandra on 0435 255 323.