1)  Always compliment your child after each class. (Find what they did well). This is also a great time to give out a hug or a kiss (these are free so be generous) – High 5’s work great too! Kids should immediately associate martial arts with feelings of success and pride.

2)  Watch as many classes as possible.  Get involved, be your child’s #1 fan and cheerleader.

3)   Tell your child how proud you are of them (any time is a great time), especially before and after class.  No one ever gets tired of hearing sincere compliments.

4) Get into a regular schedule as much as possible so children can mentally prepare for class early in the day.  It’s a good ideas for you too, so you can plan you other chores around your trip.  Pack your child’s uniform and gear the previous night so that it will be ready to go first thing in the morning.

5)  Lead by example, eat healthy, drink water, have a positive attitude.  Deal with stress and challenges the same way you would like your child to.  Our kids learn to respond to crisis and challenges by watching us.

6)  Give your child the thing he/she wants more than anything in the world, your time!  Get involved and make learning martial arts a team effort.


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