After our day class this morning the other day, Emma from Hot 91? dropped in to the dojo to get a few self defence tips to share with the women of the Sunshine Coast. We filmed a short video clip (below) Emma shared with Hot 91’s facebook followers and she also shared on air that afternoon.

When it comes to self defence, the best solution to develop a good sense of awareness so as to avoid any potentially dangerous situations in the first place. But if you can’t escape you may need to fight back.

Of course these few tips are just some really quick ideas. And to to really be natural with it you need to train your responses until they become instinctive. Unfortunately, most people’s instinctive response will often get them into more trouble, rather than out of trouble.

Here are a few more thoughts, for those who are interested. The ABC’s of self defence…

A – awareness, assessment, avoidance. Be aware your surroundings, be alert and asses for possible threats, and avoid them if possible.

B – balance. If you can’t avoid the thread, ground yourself, be ready to fight back if required.

C – confidence. If the threat becomes more real, look your attacker in the eye, stand up straight and use a firm, clear voice.

D – diffuse, distract, decisive. If you can use your words to diffuse the situation. Distract your attacker using any means necessary. If the attack continues, act decisively, swiftly take control and end it as quickly as possible.

E – escape. As soon as possible, escape the situation. Scream, shout and run like crazy, drawing as much outside attention as possible.