From tired to emotional to overwhelmed to wanting to quit everything and hide from the world.  I think we all experience these moments at some stage in our lives. Helping our children identify when they are in a negative emotional state and giving them the tools to move to a more productive state is something that I continue to explore with every challenge that comes knocking on the door.  Here are a few things that we do when challenges come our way.  Hope they help your family too.

  • DSC_0012Back to the basics:  monitor sleep, food, water.  Are you getting what you need to help you function at your best?

  • Identify the fun and focus in your child’s day.  This on its own is worth gold for our kids.  Once they realise that they still have loads of play time in their week, balanced with school and after school activities, we are onto a winner.
  • Having a break between school and after school activities.  I didn’t realise how important this was until it came up in one of our little chats.
  • Quality time:  Lots of cuddles, lovin’ and giggles.  Sock sliding, musical chairs, funny songs, glow stick dancing and anything which releases those contagious fits of laughter.  Has to be complete 100% focus on each other.  Showing ‘love’ to my kids is largely about spending quality time with them.
  • Find that happy place before making important decisions:  Never make decisions (quitting things) whilst in a negative, non-serving state.  Fuel up with the feel good stuff and once in that happier state then choose how to move forward.
  • Confidence Bank:  Complete tasks and achievable short term goals that you set for yourself.  Every time you complete something your confidence grows. Every time you quit before completion, you are making a withdrawal from your confidence bank. Every decision matters so think before acting.