Here is a short story written by one of our students at Sunshine Coast Karate for a school assignment.  Thank you to Klaudia for letting us share this piece with everyone.

My Inspirations

Sweat dripping pain as I am struggling to succeed;  a challenge like 50 push up’s in a row, with perfect position from head to toe.

Hearts beating rapidly, fatigue in my arms, pressure on my mind, a tonne of weight on my back, feels like I’m about to collapse flat on the floor and fail every time.

As I do this my Sensei Martin and Sensei Sandra tells me that, no matter what it is or how hard it is; just believe that you can do it and you can accomplish anything in life.  So every time I face a new challenge I think of waht they say and it gets me through the day, and it’s not just in the dojo it’s everywhere I go.

On tournament day the pressure is on.  Nerves going through my veins ad I walk on stage watching the judges watch every move; as I perform the kata that I choose.

Before my turn is up my sensei’s say to me;  you will do well Klaudia, just keep your head up and stay focused.  Remember your strength, and that you can do anything you put your mind too.  After I perform, I walk away with a trophy in my hand and a proud smile on my face, and it’s all thanks to them.

It is a big step up from white belt to purple belt, where I am now.  There is so much you have to concentrate on all at the same time.  To grade you have to concentrate on things like; your target, posture, eye focus, stance, positioning, balance, speed, strength and sequence.  Thanks to my sensei’s I am where I am now and they have helped me achieve all my goals.

My sensei’s are very great;  they inspire me from week to week.  They pick me up when I am down.  They talk me through a clouded mind.  They give me strength whan I am weak.  My sensei’s are the best!

By Klaudia

Klaudia continues her training at Sunshine Coast Karate every week.  Not only does she stretch herself to greater heights she always seems to find a way to challenge her training partners to be the best they can be and she knows how to have FUN.    Klaudia has never complained of being bored or things being too hard or too easy, she understands the power of continual refinement of her basics and continues to accelerate her growth.  Big thank you to Klaudia and her family for their positive contributions to our entire Sunshine Coast Karate family.