These steps are based on an adventure that we are currently embracing at Sunshine Coast Karate. I hope you enjoy the read. :>)

NOTE – Sharing your goals can be one of the best ways to ensure you stay on track and achieve your goal in quick time.  No more dragging the chain, losing sight of your goal… Just get in there and do it!

Step 1: Set Your Goals + Completion date
Early May, one of Sunshine Coast Karate’s assistant instructors, Sempai Helen O’Grady (1st Dan) set a challenge for herself to do 100 push ups every day for the entire school term.

Step 2: Share Your Goals/Be Accountable (this will help to keep your focus)
Sempai Helen chose to share her goal with her instructors and friends at Sunshine Coast Karate so that she could be held accountable to achieve her goal.

Step 3:  Recruit Your Support Team
With Sempai Helen now committed to her goal of achieving 100 push ups every day for an entire school term, what better way to show her support than to jump on board and share the journey/adventure every step of the way.  Sempai Helen’s instructors put the word out to other members and now their is a good size team of members coming together to not only support Sempai Helen but to also grow and advance themselves in this area of their training.

Step 3B: [Bonus Step] – Inspire others to grow themselves outside of your local community
Not only has Sempai Helen’s 100 push up challenge inspired other Sunshine Coast Karate members to take action every day, we now have members from both Newcastle and Gold Coast regions also taking part.

Step 4:  Take action everyday
Some days will be harder than others.  But in the back of your mind you know that there is a community of people all stepping up to the challenge with you, so just get into it and put the runs on the board.  It will be done before you know it.

Step 5: Check in with your team
Commit to checking in with your team each day to keep everyone on the journey accountable.  Share your stories, the fun, the highs and lows.  Be inspired by each other and keep on running to your destination.  Soon enough you’ll be sharing a countdown with your team as you face the final days of this adventure.  You team will keep you fuelled throughout your journey.

Step 6:  Party Time – Celebrate
Always time for a good party at the conclusion of every adventure.

All the best to you, your family and friends in achieving your goals.  Go for it!  You’ll be surprised how much fun it can really be.

Depending on when you are reading this post you may be able to capture some of the highlights via our Sunshine Coast Karate Facebook Page.